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Confessions of a Music Junkie

What Tyrants played Cause in April

By Bruce Cochran

Did you know that your choice of dental floss says a lot about you? If you thought that… (queue the needle scratch across vinyl) …Seriously, go see some live music. It might just make you swear off bottled beer.

What Tyrants recently played Cause in April and I was not able to catch the show but was able to download their album off their website. The album is growing on me. It’s mostly piano-rock-blues but also offers an experimental pieces to break up the overall theme of the album.

There’s the “Red Giants” track. It really feels like a thematic break for the album, but if you listened to it separately you wouldn’t guess it was What Tyrants.

Then there’s “Newly-weds song.” Although it feels like the other tracks on the album, it’s musically choreographed  by a chant that is reminiscent of Native American drum songs.

In the end this band has a very distinctive sound. You’ll either like it or hate it–which is a good thing. A band that makes a choice for their own sound deserves a lot of credit. You can try to make it by trying to fit in with the latest groove, or you can make a complete invested statement in your own style and know you’ll be respected for it. It’s the reason you turn the radio off and go find local music.

With that, I’ll say I still want to see this band live because the lead vocalist has the self assurance of Jim Morrison. Like a good actor or stand-up comedian, a confident singer makes you feel relaxed–like knowing you have plans for two parties in the same night in case you have to bail one of them. This guy owns the mike like Adam Turman owns Minneapolis event graphics. And their sound is original enough you’ll think you saw them in a bar scene in a Jim Jarmusch film.

More info on What Tyrants

Bruce Cochran is Editor of the Wedge newspaper and lives in Uptown.


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