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Bender Wins 10th Ward DFL Endorsement

Killian sacrifices campaign for change in leadership

By Bruce Cochran
Kendal Killian, in what appeared to be a

sacrifice for a change in leadership, conceded his campaign to endorse Lisa Bender, after the fifth ballot. The day-long DFL Convention on April 27 included Lisa Peterson Bender, Ken Bradley, Kendal Killian and incumbent Meg Tuthill. Killian’s endorsement put Bender support over the 60 percent needed to win the DFL endorsement. Other non-DFL candidates may enter the race before November 5, but as the 10th Ward has a strong DFL voting representation at the polls, winning will be an uphill battle. And as if the contentious race was not dramatic enough, and seemed to play out the arc of a movie coming to an end, the audience was left wondering, “Would there be a sequel?” Although other challengers conceded their campaigns, Tuthill was not clear about bowing out of the race after losing the endorsement.
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