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Neighborhood Swap

Swap-it! June 8 & 9, 2013

Swap-it! June 8 & 9, 2013

Neighborhood Swap June 8 & 9

Accepted items

Tables/ chairs (wood, plastic, other non-upholstered)
Bookshelves, storage shelves and cabinets
Desks and office chairs
Bed frames/ headboards
Small dressers
Futon frames (no futons allowed)
Bicycles & usable bicycle parts/tools
Shovels, yard/garden/mechanical tools
Knick-knacks in good condition,
Dishes, plates, silverware, and other kitchen items
Books, CDs, DVDs – as approved by volunteers
Small electronic appliances in working condition (e.g. microwaves, can openers, toaster ovens, etc…)
Clean clothing in good condition
Other small household items
Other reusable items/materials approved by swap volunteers.

Non-accepted items

NO items over 200lbs
NO couches
Upholstered chairs, pillows
Mattresses, box springs, bedding
Child seats, cribs, stuffed animals, etc
Household hazardous waste (tires, paint, batteries, chemicals, fertilizer, etc).
Broken appliances
Large appliances (washer/dryers/refrigerators).
Broken lights/light bulbs/ CFL’s.
Rusted, unusable, or destroyed bicycle parts, frames, tools or rusted household items.
Broken mirrors/ glass,
Rotten/other foul-smelling items.
Please Note
Computers and other electronics will NOT be accepted
(Swap background information courtesy of former LHENA Environmental Coordinator, Rebecca Harnik.)


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