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The Wedge Newspaper Needs Community Support


An Open Letter to Readers, Old and New

We need your help.
The Wedge newspaper has slowly watched our revenue decline over the past few years as the product of four forces: the economic downturn, difficulty in delivering to a growing number of security apartment buildings, online advertising competition, and next generation readers that get their news exclusively online.
Unless we are able to maintain our financial viability again, via various new strategies, we ask that you consider two things:
1. What value you place on having relevant, local news and analysis delivered to your doorstep?
2. Do you appreciate the value of community building that only a local-news driven printed newspaper can deliver?
If either of these characteristics is a high priority for you, then please consider making a donation in any amount at
Without your help The Wedge newspaper may be required to shut down for good very soon.
Thank you for your continued feedback and support through these challenging times.
Bruce Cochran, Editor
The Wedge newspaper


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