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Profiles In Leadership Seeking your vote in the 10th Ward – Kendal Killian


Kendal Killian, Ward 10 Candidate

Kendal Killian, Ward 10 Candidate

The Wedge Neighborhood News candidate series for the 10th Ward candidates.

The Wedge launched a candidate series for 10th Ward candidates. Every month candidates have had the opportunity to provide you with their argument for support in the November election. Our third month’s submission comes from Kendal Killian. (Nate Griggs has declined to submit at this time.) See Elections Page for previous profiles.

Dear neighbors,
Talking to people throughout Ward 10 is my favorite part of my campaign. In the last few months, I’ve knocked on over 1,000 doors and have had hundreds of conversations. I like to ask people, “What do you love about living in our neighborhood?” I’m running for city council because we deserve a council member who respects all of us, and all of our reasons for living here.
Out going door to door, I’ve met cab drivers and doctors, rappers and jazz musicians, journalists and web designers.  And more than a few attorneys. As one voter asked me, how do we maintain the special sauce that makes our part of the city so charming?
To me it’s about diversity. Deliberately surrounding ourselves with dramatically different lifestyles and cultures makes our own lives better. Whether it’s the neighbor petitioning his neighbors to acquire a beehive, the pizza parlor that wants to stay open until 3:00 AM, or the east African family who does everything different from the performance artist next door, this is why we live here. I believe that the vitality, the richness, the unique character of our corner of the city comes from its diversity, not in spite of it.
We have a talented field of candidates here in Ward 10, so it’s an appropriate question when folks ask, what makes me different? As one supporter told me: “Kendal, I support you because you have the political chops to get things done for our ward, and the progressive values to make sure it is done right.”
I’m honored someone thinks that. In fact, here are four initiatives I’d like to work on for our Ward:

1.    Nicollet Avenue reclaimed at Lake, with mixed-use development lining those “new” blocks. I would hope – and would push for – a commercial and housing mix that will serve all of the area’s residents.
2.    New transit options for Nicollet, the Greenway, and Hennepin that encourage riders to patronize businesses all along their routes, and not just serve as a point-to-point shuttle.
3.    Aggressive reinstatement of the renter’s tax credit, combined with an education effort to make sure our most at-risk neighbors know to take advantage of it, and to help keep our neighborhood’s diversity strong.
4.    Better neighborhood coordination of temporary snow emergency lots, to help residents without off-street parking weather snowstorms with fewer stresses.

I have the progressive values and know-how to represent Ward 10 on the city council. As the Public Affairs Coordinator for the Minnesota Association of Professional Employees I go to work to help build, secure, and expand the dream of a professional middle class for thousands of Minnesotans. I’ve worked for MCTC where I helped develop a program for less advantaged young people to help them afford college.
My involvement in the DFL did not begin the day I announced my campaign. I have been immersed in the progressive movement for over a decade, working tirelessly for the DFL and its local and statewide candidates. Since 2004, I have been a leader for get-out-the-vote efforts right here in our neighborhood. My work has resulted in deep relationships with policy makers across the city and state.
This is demonstrated by the following endorsements for my campaign: Deputy Senate Majority Leader Jeff Hayden (DFL-62), Representative Karen Clark (DFL-62A), Senator Patricia Torres Ray (DFL-63), Minneapolis Park Board Commissioner Brad Bourn and Metropolitan Council Member Adam Duininck.
“Kendal and I have worked together for years, engaging young people and non-traditional constituencies in our city,” Senator Hayden says. “By deliberately reaching out and bringing everyone to the table, Kendal will be a leader in closing the real equity gaps we face in Minneapolis. He knows how to get things done,” Hayden added.
I am proud of my volunteer advocacy work as well. I’m on the Board of Directors of Outfront Minnesota and the Advisory Board for Health Care for All Minnesota. I’m a founding board member of Young Progressive Majority Minnesota (YPM). YPM engages young people in politics, increasing voter turnout. In 2012 all four YPM endorsed legislative candidates won, allowing the DFL to retake the majority in Saint Paul.
I do this work because I fundamentally believe that we all do better when we all do better. We must craft policies at the city level that proactively reach out to and engage traditionally underrepresented communities, and start to close the vast opportunity gaps that persist here.
I’m sure you agree. I sincerely hope you consider supporting me at caucuses (April 16) and the convention (April 27). Please contact me directly 612.234.2335 to discuss any topics important to you.
Together, we can make our great community even better.
In solidarity,
About Kendal Killian
Office: Seeking the DFL endorsement for City Council in Ward 10
Age: 34
Occupation: Public Affairs Coordinator
Address: 3644 Bryant Ave. S.
Family: Wife, Kelly
Endorsements: Deputy Senate Majority Leader Jeff Hayden (DFL-62), Representative Karen Clark (DFL-62A), Senator Patricia Torres Ray (DFL-63), Minneapolis Park Board Commissioner Brad Bourn and Metropolitan Council Member Adam Duininck.
Contact:, 612.234.2335,


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